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XLN Audio RC 20

RC-20 Retro Color is a plug-in for a creative effect that adds life and texture to any disc. It easily reproduces the warm and comfortable feel of old recording devices, but also works great in any modern production environment. 6 unique FX modules

Six unique FX RC-20 modules can copy everything from vinyl records to VHS machines, adding noise, oscillations and sudden movements to your tracks. Its high distortion and crisp bit reduction will add grain to your bass and drums. Cosmic and choral effects will make your guitar sing like never before, and filtering effects integrate directly into the cutting edge club track.

Flux Engine

Our exclusive flow engine adds subtle (or less subtle) instability and oscillation to all FX modules, providing the character, warmth and analog quality of the best technology of yesteryear.

Cursor size

The Magnitude slider controls the intensity of all treatments. Easily accessible all the time, even when viewing the presets, it’s easy to find the perfect amount of sound and processing. Automate this control for incredible introductions, crashes and transitions in your song

The XO identifies and collects single image samples stored anywhere on your computer or hard drives, and sorts them by similarity. This brings your selections of choice into a new creative context that makes experimentation easier. Visualizing and editing sound is part of your creative process, rather than disrupting the workflow.


– Upload your own samples: duplicates. Blurred file names. Folders in different locations or on external drives. The XO sorts them all, no matter where and how they are stored.

Find sound faster: narrow your range with powerful XO filters and search functions to find what you’re looking for even faster.

– Ready to use: set of factory samples. Start with XOs inspired by XOs and 8000+ factory samples selected manually. No matter what musical style or number of sounds in your current sample collection, the XO has taken you by surprise.

– Improve your groove: sculpt the perfect groove with Groove conservation models, tilt your models to increase severe urgency or endless lethargy, and add life and dynamics to your shot with the powerful Accentuator.

– Drag and drop: easily drag and drop into your workflow. Sweet or raw. Individual samples or the whole measurement. Audio or MIDI

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